Access Denied Windows 10 Networking

I recently brought the MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA, We have set everything up we can log into the admin area and have created users profiles, we can see public and a shared folder.

We have also filled out the windows credentials and can see the NAS on our network when we log in to I am able to access my user profile folder.

But when we try and access it on windows through the network it asks for my username and password every time it says access denied! ACCESS DEMIED|597x500

Because this was not working we also tried turning on NFS witch gave is a nfs:// witch windows would not map so we then tried FTP AND SFTP and non of the FTP clients we found would asstablish a connection

please can someone help us in working out what we are dong wrong

we are using the rade 1 8tb OS5 MYCLOUDES2ULTRA


Please refer to the following KBA article:Private Shares are Inaccessible (Access Denied) After Joining a My Cloud to an Active Directory Domain