MyCloudEx2Ultra Win10 Map drive


I’m getting crazy here !!! I tried everything suggested and I’m still stuck with access denied error.

I have followed every steps given here Share Access Failure - Multiple Connections To a Server or Shared Resource by the Same User Not Allowed

Here is what I can share :

  • I have access to public folders
  • I can access private folder using admin credentials
  • I can’t access private folder using user credentials

I have so many times deleting the windows credential, log off/log in, reseting user password, lanmar invitedlogon, smb1… Still not able to connect or map drive with user credentials !

I really need this to work and it’s a pain that the product can’t work smoothly !

if that helps in the log I do see : CIFS: Authentication for user [pierre] has FAILED.

I solved the problem…

THe problem was relating to group. Users were belonging to group not having the same privilege on the given folder and it seems that group privilige takes over user privilege.