AAAGGGGGGAAAAAA Why is using this hardware so freeking complicated

Why is using this hardware so freeking complicated?
I bought it thinking I would not have to rely on Dropbox, google drive or OneDrive. All of those services are super easy to use. They are always there, on my file list. I use them like any other old drive.
But, My WD Drive? I can never find it. And when I do, it seems so complicated. i just want to screem.
I have this awsome piece of hardware sitting around not doing anything.
I cant tell you how many times I have been on with customer support getting it all set up. but, its not on my smart phone and it is hard to find on my computer. When I finally did dig into it and find it today I see that the last back up that customer support helped me set up was shortly after we set it up last fall.

Have you read through the WD My Cloud User Manual?

While I won’t speak for others, the My Cloud generally works for me (and a family member). No problems using Windows File Explorer to access the My Cloud on my local network. No problems access it remotely (both mine and a family members at their house) via the WD My Cloud Dashboard, and via the WD My Cloud app for Android/WD Photos app for Android. Only problems I have is with Windows 10 and (since fixed) with one USB external hard drive not being recognized by the device when connected to the My Cloud via its USB port. The Windows 10 issue is a problem with Windows 10’s November update and there are workarounds detailed in this thread.

You may want to take a look at this information on My Cloud │ How it Works.

Telling more about your network and how you have it set up would help. Have your visited the Learning Center?

Have you read all of the Help information provided in the Dashboard?


Thank you for your response. And, of course, reading the manual is an appropriate idea.
That said, I have never read a manual to use any of the cloud services. Never. Ever. I just use them.
They are all easy to use. I load them once and then they are always there.
Thats not the case with tmy WD Cloud Storage.
While I am embarrassed to admit that I have never read the manual (Frankly, it never occured to me that I might have to. I figured the software would be user friendly).
My issue is, why isnt this easy to use.
I would never tell my parents to get this and use it. But I tell people all the time to download and use dropbox. Why, because it is easy.
I wanted to use my My Cloud for my family to share pictures from our cruise last summer to Alaska.
I could not get it configured, with the help of the help desk to accomplish this. Is it that I am must dumb? I don’t think so. I am confident that the right Geek can crack this issue. They just need to get the right Geek on the job. Just saying. Again, I would NEVER suggest to anyone to use this hardware. Mine has been sitting pretty much idle since I bought it. I have set it up at least twice to do automatic back ups. The last back up was shortly after I set it up. I don’t know why it stops working.
I am determined to stay on this and conquer this. But, it is challenging.
I don’t even know where the manual is. I know, it is on line somewhere. Ugh.
Sorry for the rant. I am frustrated.

Thanks for your suggestions. I need to go over the documents.
I am not home. I bought this because I am on the road a lot. I dont think I can do much troubleshooting while I am not in my home network. Thats another problem with this. I am not sure that that one can be overcome, but I dont know why not. I mean, if anyone can access my computer anywyere (and I am told that i need to keep tape over my camera to keep my privacy) then why cant I access my network to troubleshoot it?
I need to review the lit.

Define easy to use. I didn’t read the manual and had the device setup and running within 10 minutes using just (what I call) the ■■■■■ directions included with the device when I first setup a My Cloud for a family member. To really understand how to use all the features of the My Cloud required me to read the User Manual and use the build in Dashboard Help information. If you expected the My Cloud to be like attaching a USB hard drive to a computer then you had, sorry to say, an unrealistic expectation for this device.

Like it or not just about all network attached storage (NAS) devices, which is what the My Cloud is, typically require some sort of setup. Some are more complicated than others.

I thought it would be as easy as, say, Google Drive or Dropbox. Those are easy to use.
I think I have to be in my home network to get this going, again. I wont be home for a couple of weeks. And then I will only be home for a couple of days and I dont want to spend my time wrestling with software.
Though, I will review the documentation before I go, that way I will get a jump on it.
Yes, unfortunaltly, I had hoped it would be as easy as plugging in a usb drive.
Silly me.

For most, setting up Remote Access, using either the My Cloud Desktop or the My Cloud apps or the web portal is straight forward. One enables Remote Access through the Dashboard. Then one gives each User remote access permission, where the user then setups a account. One can also generate the codes for the mobile device apps from the Dashboard.

If you stop and think about it, when one downloads the various apps or software for remote access from WD, how does that software know how to connect/contact your specific My Cloud unless you perform some sort of action or configuration of either the My Cloud, creating a account and linking your My Cloud to it, or the app software? Again, read the User Manual, there is an entire section (Chapter 8) on setting up Remote Access. Or see the Dashboard Help (Completing Common Tasks).

I had it set up. I dont know why it is causing me problems now. Even the tech who i spoke to today told me that I had to wait until I was back in my own network to resolve this. So, while you make it sound straight forward and simple, even the tech thougt otherwise.
Frankly, I hope you are correct. I will work on this following your directions.

It could be your router is not properly allowing the ports through. In some instances the UPnP doesn’t work right and one has to go the manual settings route on the My Cloud, then access the router to configure Port Forwarding of the two ports through the router’s firewall to the My Cloud.

So, how do I set it up on my desktop so that it is easily accessible?

You will probably need to consult your router/gateway’s documentation, or perform an internet search, on how to access your particular router/gateway’s administration page and how to configure “port forwarding” (if available). One would probably also need to change the My Cloud Cloud Access Configuration Option from Auto to Manual and specify the two ports (HTTP and HTTPS) that should be used. To configure Remote Access for specific ports see the WD My Cloud User Manual (, specifically Chapter 9, Cloud Access, or see the following WD Support document.

Read the manual for your router to open up ports on your router i.e. expose your local cloud to the internet.

“Dropbox, google drive or OneDrive” are “easy” because you don’t manage the hardware or software that goes with those services.

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