WD mycloud home ........a load of mince!

Just bought one, read the blurb asked the man in the store…yip this seems the device for me!

All I wanted was some where to store and access music files on my network by various devices.

How easy should that be for this not inexpensive device?

Set up and downloading files took an age only to discover that you have to have an other app to access these files? Why should that be? They are just bog standard FLAC files.

Now the WC home apps. Cant down load it onto an android phone that older the 3 hours. As far as I can see there are buttons (services) missing on both the web and phone app required to set up well anything. There is no continuity between the apps, a mess from start to finish!!

Customers services!! First of all they have a cheek placing a “im not a robot” button at the end of the form, from the responces I have had the statement “I am a robot” should be at the top of any reply they give. They do not respond to a specific problem but push you towards either the commumity or their general queries section.
This is only applicable when the site is up and running. Usually you spend a fair bit of time filling in there form stating your issue and on hitting send it disappears and you are left with a “im sorry this site is not available at the moment”

Writing this after nearly two weeks trying to get the device set up for use.
as you may gather not a happy chappy with the mycloud home or the company.

Has anybody had similar issues or am I the sole Luddite out there?

Just got WD MyCloudHome it to replace 10 year old ReadyNAS Duo, but it doesn’t seem to function like a NAS at all. How can I get my Samsung TV to see it ? Whats its local IP address ? It has some app to support Sonos but what about all my Movies ?

Aldo, you’re not alone. Their systems have been up and down (mostly down) over the last several weeks, its been really frustrating. Why we have to rely on an online cloud service to manage a local device, i dont get. What happens of the NAS is not on a network or behind a secure firewall.
I’ve called WD several time including just a hour ago.
First line guy didn’t have a clue, told me it was my browser, internet, firewall or the NAS itself anything but their problem. status.mycloud.com (which is found at the bottom of mycloud.com page. says the system was down. First line guy didnt even know that existed, said it was a 3rd party site, (REALLY!).
Poor service, after getting nowhere I hung up on him, Few minutes later he calls me back, I eventually talked with a Tier 2 guy who verified they were having a maintenance problem.
WD, the local management page should have the same functions available at there is in the mycloud site. I dont want to rely on your failed amazon cloud services.

Totally agree with you, I have spent the best part of 3 days trying to get this thing working on my MAC. It’s so slow it is basically unusable. There does not seem to be any way to get into the device other than the Mobile or Web App and trying to connect to it using AFP or SMB does not work. The knowledgebase does not contain anything that is useful to MAC users so it’s back in the box and will be returned for a refund as soon as possible.