Not ready for prime time - any suggestions on alternatives?

I received a 4TB My Cloud Home device for Christmas. I was really exited to get it setup and working. First, I was forced to upgrade one of my Win10 laptops to 64 bit in order to use the desktop product…not a huge deal but they should support 32 bit also.

I quickly ran into issues with duplicate photos and autobackups running over and over on my wife’s phone. We both have Motorola Droid Ultra 2 devices. After many calls with WD support and uploading logs to the, a L3 support tech tells me the solution is to disable autobackup on the mobile devices. So what good is this device if I can’t use autobackup? I plan on returning it and looking for something that works.

Yep, another unhappy soul who thought he was getting a “real” NAS with the Home device. Return for a refund if you can. To look at WD’s real NAS products, go to, click on Products tab and look in Network Attached Storage to see what they offer at the price you want to pay. Happy hunting.

I was fortunate that Best Buy gave me a refund. I will do some research and get a real backup solution. It was interesting that as I was standing in line at the Service Desk to return the item, I saw three other WD My Cloud boxes on the return shelf. Too bad they rushed this product to market and now don’t seem to want to fix bugs. Oh well, there are several other vendors to look at.

Good that you got a refund. I know you have a bad taste in your mouth about WD, but my top of line My Cloud 2100 has worked very well for a few years. Discontinued now, and its replacement is the PR series. Check out what I
mentioned before.

BTW< the best use I have for my NAS is not as a backup, but as a media server for the music, videos, photos stored on it. Everything on the NAS are copies of data stored elsewhere, so in some ways it is a "backup.

When you set it up, do not setup as a RAID1. I have lost half my storage space because of this, and will redo it to JBOD when I find time.