Why WD my Cloud is complicated ..Message to the Admins

I’ve used many Cloud services … starting from IDrive , Google Drive, Pcloud, Dropbox and more and I decided to invest the registration fees that I pay and buy myself a cloud and have my Own.
I got WD My Cloud PR4100, and sorry to say that I start feels that I’ve made the wrong decision,

  • it doesn’t have it’s own software, I have to “BUY” a software
  • it have a problems and the support takes long time to reply,
  • the mobile app is confusing and not good at all comparing to the other clouds (I left them my comment)
  • accessing the full dashboard must be in same place, yes that’s a professional thing … and the only professional thing in it
  • complicated to link it to any device (Computer, Mobile, TV, etc …)

Hopefully you work on it if you want it to succeed (succeed means people buy it and love it, not people buy it and regret that they did)

Best regards

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What software did you have to buy?

I didn’t, I look for another NAS than WD My Cloud, what I will pay for a Software I would pay for an Online Cloud, what is that need of owning a cloud !?
WD My Cloud they have GoodSync but trial only on desktop or laptopgoodsync

@nf24eg Good Sync for WD installs as a 30 day trial and transitions to Free when used with a My Cloud device.

even if you are right, still this software not fulfill the need of having a cloud, only 1 Sycn and backup jobs?? 3 devices ?!! anyway will try then comment

I understand your loyalty to your company, but also the company need loyal customers to go on, is that a software to be proud of … for WD history and well name for long time I see it’s a shame, if you won’t sell the product with it’s software “Full Features” at least mention this this clearly before people pay much and found less expectations

As you are WD Staff, can you ask that they reinstate WD Sync under OS 5 (wish I hadn’t upgraded to that) and not keep pushing GoodSync?

WD Sync was extremely straightforward to use and, whilst not unproblematic, did the basic job of syncing in real time very easily. This really is all that I want from sync, I don’t need bells and whistles and it meant that I was able to use my WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra pretty much like a cloud service to sync my home and work desktops, my laptop and photos from my Android mobile as well as making files accessible on mobile and tablet. Now I’ve “upgraded” to OS 5 all of that is gone.

GoodSync, or at least the “free” version only enables one sync job, so I can’t sync the multiple folders across different drives as I was doing. If I want something that is half decent, then I have to pay £30 per year for something not as useful as a piece of software that came bundled with my NAS when I bought it. So, now I have a NAS that doesn’t do what I bought it for - acting simply as a home cloud that I can easily sync files from and to.

If WD can’t do this, then can they provide us with an eas was to roll back to OS 3, which again wasn’t perfect, but was working in the way I needed it to work? And why on earth did I need to set up a new account after installing a firmware upgrade?

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or at least Could WD at least please take back there product and give me back my money that I paid in July, I regret that I bought the cloud and I got your punishment and will not do that again I promise … take your product and I will give you back the cloud with discount