WD Sync no longer supported, support recommending goodsync, no support for goodsync, not available for single-bay mycloud devices

I have been having issues with WD Sync. Gave all logfiles to WD Support.
Today I heard from WD support (supervisor: Issac), (2nd level: Diana) that WDC will NO LONGER support WD Sync and they are recommending a 3rd party software “goodsync”. when I asked if WDC will provide techincal support for this 3rdparty SW, the answer is “NOT SURE”, “NO”.

Bottom line, I can’t trust WD Sync and use it anymore. I am not comfortable to use a 3rd party SW not backed and supported by WDC to manage my file sync.

I also understand that GoodSync is a free for syncing upto 100 files. After that is $50. I don’t need any sync SW for 100 files - we can do it manually.

I just confirmed that “GoodSync” IS NOT SUPPORTED ON SINGLE BAY MyCloud.

There are plenty of choices for HW and my decision to use WDC was its a single company providing HW&SW.

I would like to hear feedback from others alternatives to HW & SW from other users for sync files.



So this little Goodsync ■■■■ and WD Sync not being supported any longer is absolutely unacceptable. The basic functionality of using a NAS is to backup or sync files so they stay backed up. I tried this goodsync ■■■■ after an email this morning. It’s a horrible interface and gui. AND You know the best part? If you want to sync multiple directories, you will have to pay for the upgraded version. WTF? WD has lost any future business from me over such a poorly mismanaged, unsupported, piece of junk in the PR4100. I was stupid enough to buy 2 of them. After all the frustrations, and nothing working correctly, I ended up buying a QNAP. I guess you get what you pay for. The sad part is I’m still trying to make use of these 2 boat anchors as backups to my data on the QNAP. Guess what. Always having to try to fix something on the WDs to keep basic backups going. It’s a shame for WD. In general they have fairly good products. WD just totally missed the mark for what could have been a darn good NAS had they had someone with competence engineer it.


Sorry to say but it seems GoodSync does not work with sigle bay WD MyCloud. I purchased the PRO version and I cannot get help from GoodSync nor from WD as to make it work correctly.

Copy/Paste from WD

And WD says

The binary for single bay My Cloud is not supported on single bay devices that have 2.xx.xxx firmware. For more details or questions, please Contact GoodSync Support.

Answer from GoodSync

If you are unable to perform the manual install of GoodSync on to your WD device, we would ask that you contact WD directly for assistance.
If they are unable to provide support get the application installed on your device you may want to look at upgrading to a newer device.

Thank you.

Looks like I am trapped between GoodSync and WD. How about notiying in your adverisement it does not work in WD MyCloud?

The single bay My Cloud doesn’t have the app center to install NAS apps. I believe you can use the SSH method to install it as instructed on this page - https://www.goodsync.com/for-nas-western-digital-mycloud

Hello jchen,

I see a list of devices you can install via SSH

MyCloud DL2100
MyCloud DL4100
MyCloud EX2
MyCloud EX2100
MyCloud EX2Ultra
MyCloud EX4
MyCloud EX4100
MyCloud Mirror
MyCloud Mirror Gen2
MyCloud PR2100
MyCloud PR4100

The question is which one of these links pertains to MyCloud 4T single bay NAS?

Thank you