Can anyone explain how to use wd's apps?

So, a week ago I finally decided to get the Wd my cloud 2tb since it was on sale, I have been using Microsoft one drive for a long time and it just works and is easy to use, now the apps for the iPhone from Wd just don’t make any sense to me at all, the layout of both the Wd my cloud app and the Wd photos is not intuitive at all, at least not for me.

For example, why can’t you choose in what folder you want to upload something in the photo app? In one drive I just open up the app, go to the folder I want to upload a photo or a video, click to add from camera roll, choose the file/ files I want to upload and I’m done, in the wd’s app I don’t even know where the file will end up! I have to search for it, and when I finally found it it had needed up in the shared folder in a new folder that I didn’t even create!

And in the Wd my cloud app, I can’t go to a specific folder and choose to see all pictures in thumbnail view! If I want to do that I have to click on the tab named photos at the very bottom, and find the folder I want, the only problem is that on that tab every folder that has a picture or photo in it shows up! It could be a folder in my documents, my app folder or whatever.

And when you upload something via the Wd my cloud app there is no status bar showing the progress of the upload! I don’t know if it in fact uploaded my file or not! So then you have to go to the folder where you uploaded it to see if it’s in fact there!

Furthermore it’s slow, deadly slow, it takes forever to load a folder with photos in it, one drive is much faster.

I am sure that Wd makes good hardware, but boy do they have a lot to learn about software and how to make things easy to use, I’m not impressed at all with this product.

“I am sure that Wd makes good hardware, but boy do they have a lot to learn about software and how to make things easy to use”

Like you apparently, I bought my MyCloud drive based on hardware reputation, and haven’t been disappointed in that regard  Also like you I find the setting up Shares and the menu hierarchy to be far from intuitive.  I get the impression they are going for their own style, but haven’t sufficiently  invested in the design process to pull it off.   Or are perhaps are just limited by  the choice of the bogged down and insecure Java platform.  I fear the problem goes beyond the app and extends to the drive OS in a way that means we are stuck with Java until our computers won’t run it anymore, then we’ll kiss the drive goodbye.