A new question with DLNA

My Cloud Gen 2,the newest firmwork,but when I try to use AVPlayer HD in my iPad to connect to my MC,the DLNA didn’t work well.It shows files right,but play wrong,all the file I clicked is the same file and I can’t watch things with AVPlayer.Is this a BUG?

A little more info from you would be nice, like before the firmware upgrade, did AVPlayer work just fine with the iPad and your My Cloud?

Thank you for answer me.
It never work fine.
I use my router’s DLNA it’t OK,but MC’s not OK

If it never worked, I don’t know how to help you, because there is too many things about this that are unknown. To start with, maybe AV player it not that good of an app. I don’t know a thing about it. I have iOS and Android tablets, and I have never found a decent DLNA app for Apple devices, but I have found good apps for Android devices.

Let’s hope someone else here can be more help to you.

Thank you all the same.
I try to use else APPs on my iPad,but the mkv files has no sound,only AVPlayer can play,so I use it for about a year.

I also try to install miniDLNA and it works well,but MC lost all share files in a few hours and when I restart it it will be OK,I don’t know what to do

There is no reason to install minidlna on your My Cloud, it has the Twonky (DLNA) Server on it already, and the two programs could be conflicting with one another.

First, do not install a second or additional DLNA media servers without removing or disabling the existing DLNA media server. Running multiple DLNA servers at the same time on the same machine may cause problems.

Second, that app appears to have (per the following link) some issues similar to what you are experiencing according to others.


You may also want to check the Twonky Server > Sharing > Media Receivers section to see what media receiver is being used. Could be something wrong with the Media Receiver that has been assigned to your iOS device. The Twonky Server administration page can be accessed by going to http://wdmycloud:9000/#sharing (change “wdmycloud” to your own My Cloud name).

Thank you for help.
I will try tonight