DLNA streaming to 3rd party apps on apple ipad air 2 ios 8


I have a slight problem with my passport(wireless) i can connect to the drive using my cloud app i can watch movies in that app and also in another app that doesnt require DLNA streaming.

but when i come to stream to another app store media players i can find the drive i can look in it but majority of my files(movies) do not show up the only things that show up are the sample videos and sample photos etc

do you have to reconfigure something to allow ur public folder to be seen in 3rd party apps?

Apps-cinexplayer(ios) aceplayer(ios) these two can pick up the drive but cannot access my folders only the ones pre installed.

Playerxtreme(ios) can access everything and does not require DLNA streaming to be switched on

any help would be greatly appriecated.

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

I have not tried this, lets see if another user can help you out with any information or any idea on this matter. It would be good to also know what types of files you are trying to play on this app.  


trying to play MKV files also MP4 and AVI, regardless of the file type neither of my folders show up either it is a strange one.


You are probably connected directly to the My Passport wireless signal.  First of all, keep the DLNA streaming on at all times via the MPW dashboard web UI.  Connect it wirelessly to your home network, and connect iPad/Phone to the home network wireless signal and see if things improve. Works great for me.

When home, I have my MPW wirelessly connected directly to my home network, and can use quite a few video apps to access the drive and play any videos just fine .  Programs I have used are FileBrowser, Infuse, MediaPlay and others.  I have only used one app that you mention and that is PlayerXtreme.  Not impressed with that app, and I even paid for the upgrade. 

I think the best app for playing videos from the MPW is My Cloud, because it is fine-tuned to play from the MPW and it is a real good player without any stutter, jitter, problems, etc.


Unfortunatly i am working offshore and do not have acccess to a wireless router to connect it to and yeah my cloud is good but it wont play any other files apart from MP4.

i keep DLNA streaming at all times but nothing seems to change it only gives me access to the same 3 folders which are standard, not the new ones i have made up or added.

Playerxtreme seems to be the only media player i can use as it is connecting to the MPW direct all the others require DLNA which is not working.

Thanks for your help

The MPW is both a media server and a share and why PlayerExtreme sees it etc (not looking for servers)

i downloaded infuse pro, and it gives me option to connect using smb but then i get an error message and when i stream using dnla i still cant access the main folders in my hard drive.

so far the only player i am able to use is playerxtreme thats not using dnla

Did you also try UPnP?  Did it work with DLNA turned on?

I also found issues with Infuse.  See this thread:


Otherwise, suggest you stick with using the My Cloud app under your conditions.