Can't make Infuse Pro work with my new 2TB Passport Wireless Pro

Hi all, I wish to access the media on my WD Passport Wireless Pro drive with a 3rd party app on my iPad/iPhone called Infuse Pro. However, I can’t seem to get past the “Storage” directory on my Passport Wireless Pro when I try. I’m trying to connect via SMB but I keep getting bonked. I can access the files via WD’s Cloud app, so I know I’m connected. However, I prefer the way Infuse plays and organizes my videos. Do you guys have any guidelines for people
who want to use Infuse Pro? Is anyone else having this issue?

Many thanks! -Rob

p.s All software and firmware are the latest and up to date.


I haven’t use that application. Let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it.

My guess is your problem is caused of how you have setup the MPW Pro to allow access to folders, because:

I have Infuse (free one) on my iPad, I have the older MPW. When Infuse goes into the MPW (via SMB link) it sees two main folders of the MPW; they are Public and SD (I have no “Storage” folder). Inside my Public folder I see a few folders; one is a MY MEDIA folder with all my music, photos and video (m4v/mp4) folders inside, and when I click on a video it plays fine.

Move a few videos in MPW to the Public folder and see if you can access and play them. If it works, move all media files into that folder.

Oh, I also want to add that it all works fine if I connect directly to the MPW wifi signal or to it when the MPW is wirelessly connected to my network. I can view via the SMB or UPnP access whether the MPW is connected to my iPad either way mentioned above.

At home I prefer the MPW network connection, because I can access the MPW on iPad via the 5G signal (for higher quality signal), even though my older MPW connects to router on the 2.4G signal. When using the network connection, place your MPW close to the router (e.g. same room as router) even though you are in another room watching on the iPad or phone.

Hi there

I have exactly the same issue - Did you manage to solve this problem ?

It is impossible to access the MPW Pro via SMB either with Infuse Pro or FileBrowser.

Thanks for your support

so, none of my comments above helped, eh? Well, does it work with the MY Cloud app? Well, then use that since it plays via SMB, and anyway, I prefer it better than Infuse. Can’t help more, otherwise.

Thanks for your feedback.
I finally found that the problem was with the login. In INFUSE only the login “admin” has to be set but NO PASSWORD and everything works great.

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