MPW and iPad use


Has anyone had any experience with using the MPW and the iPad? I’m considering purchasing the new iPad Pro for my wife who teaches for portability. It would be nice for some additional portable storage in the event there is NO internet connectivity. I know there is really no way to access an external device or flash drive via the iPad but I’m wondering if the the MPW would create something like a “shared drive” and app to access the files.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


This is done all the time by me and lots of others. The main reason for MPW or any wireless drive is for additional storage capacity for iPads, and other tablets (and phones.) How well it will work depends on what one will do with the devices, and in many cases it depends upon the data used. It must be the right format accepted by both devices. Material cannot be copy-protected, especially since iOS 8, Apple prevents their purchased movies from playing from most drives to their devices. Non-copy protected movies will play fine, music and photos play fine and documents should work taken from a wireless drive ro an iPad, too.

So, tell us what types of data you want to use, and how,and we can help you further.

Thanks for the reply Mike. Primarily she would access standard Office documents: Powerpoint, Word, Excel. Adobe .pdf files are another. Streaming lab videos and showing pictures would also be in play.
As a secondary she edits pictures and I know Adobe recently announced a program they put out for iPad use would be a big plus, so the ability to carry pictures and access them to do some editing. Nothing too graphic intensive and no video editing.
I’m not worried about streaming recreational movies.

It sounds like it would all work to me, although I do not keep docs for editing on MPW. It is used to store my media files and access them.

Wait and see if other people have any comments.

Hi Mike,
Turning to you as you seem to have experience about MPW + iPad combination.
I have tried to get my new MPW and iPad ( iPad4, iOS 9 ) to talk to each other now for 5 days without success…
Can connect to MyPassport Wifi without a problem, but as soon as I open the MyCloud app, pass the introduction and press “Next” the iPad tells me “The file you are looking for is no longer available” and I get nowhere after that…
From the Manual and, I have understood , that next phase should be to change the Wifi-network name and add a password for that, but I am simply not gettting even that far.
I have tried also with my iPhone 5S ( iOS 9.1 ), and with exactly the same result…
And yes, have reset the MPW and re-installed the MyCloud app etc…
Next step, took the device back to the store and replaced with a new one…again exactly the same result…
Created an RMA case 5 days ago…no response…and now I can’t even see the Case in the case listing…( although I do have a reply about creating a case, and number for it by email )

Any idea what I might be doing wrong, or can it just be a compatibility issue with iOS9?
Any help is hugely appreciated!!

This will be quick as I catch a plane in the morning. MPW and iOS 9 work fine together on my iphone and iPad. Must be a setup issue.

The best advice is before the holiday on Thursday give WD Support a phone CALL. and see if they can help you resolve the issues. Otherwise you will have to wait for their help after the holiday. Good luck.