Wd Wireless Pro 4Tb questions


I just bought a Wireless Pro 4tb and I have a few questions.

First off can I have the drive access my home Wifi network without having to connect to the My passport network then through to my home network? When I connect through the drive first I loose the ability to use screen sharing with the Screens app (port mapping failed).

Secondly I cannot mount the drive wirelessly on my MacBook. (Mac OS 10.13) It works wired but when I try to connect when connected to my home network or the My passport network I get a prompt to login to the “MyPassport.local.” network and I cannot log in to it. I can see the drive with the iOS app in my iPhone and iPad and I can get to the Mypassport.local via the website but not in the finder.

Thanks for any Help


Have you referred to the complete user manual. If you don’t have it or cannot find it on the MPW, download it.

If you installed the device properly, you needed to first connect the device to MyPassport wi-fi signal, and it would have helped you connect to home wi-fi. You can still do this through dashboard’s.wi-fi settings.