WD wireless pro 4tb lots of issues

I just received mine and while tt seems to to be fine as usb drive and to back up sd cards and even xqd ones, the rest is a mess.
Trying to connect via app from a iPad Pro 2018 is extremely unstable and slow. Loading pictures is just too slow, I mean compared to my nas This is 1000 slower. Trying to connect it to my WiFi, even when placing it next to the router, makes it never visible, I even assigned a fixed ip on my router .,. To no avail.
Trying to access the dashboard, via AP and WiFi mode, via name and ip, does not work. So I am lest with the iPad app for settings.

It is rather frustrating. I will keep it as it is a decent usb drive and cards backup, but for the rest very disappointing, and reading the forum bad experience is the norm.


Hello Fpex,

Did you update the firmware version of your My Passport Wireless Pro to the latest v1.04.17 ?

Same ■■■■ for me with windows 10 and last firmware. too slow and buggy with the rights. This product is useless, unusable !

I have the same issue. I am trying to use it on my Ipad with Lumafusion but it refuses to transfer the files fast enough to even use it. Very frustrating as this was what I got it for in the first place.

I have the same issues as well . The speed over Wifi is like having a dial-up connection. Viewing images or copying files etc from laptop or iPad is extremely slow. The only way to use it to connect it directly to a computer using USB . This makes having the product worthless, better to buy just a regular hard drive