My passport wireless pro wifi is recognized but no internet connection

I’ve a my passport wireless pro since 2018 with firmware 1.04.17
When on holliday I use an ipad 2. This works fine te retrieve data on it. Both the my passport 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz is found in the wifi list and when I click on it the internet connection will start.
Now I’ve a new (second) Ipad 2017. Here it does recognize the my wireless pro (both frequencies) but when I click on it I get the message no internet connection??
On my cell phones (both Samsung galaxy) it does recognize the my wireless pasport and when I click here it will create an internet connection (with an exclamation sign and it says that the internet is maybe not availabe but I can retrieve data from my passport).
The main problem it my ipad 2017. Why does it mention that there’s no internet connection despite that the my passport wireless pro is recognized in the wifi list???
I does work on my older ipad so the my passport wireless pro is working properly.
Please some advise. Both my children want to watch there movies on their own Ipads.

Thank you in advance for your advise

@hutanjambo The following article explains why the issue occurs and how to correct it

Thanks for you respons. But unfortunately I didn’t find the solution here.
I don’t use VPN. I just want to connect directly between my iPad en my passport wireless pro.
I even went to an apple store but they didn’t know it either.

Maybe someone has another tip??