8TB easystore failed installation of NTFS on Mac

I just bought 8TB easystore from BestBuy and tried to use it as backup for my 27" Mac (2019), but it failed to install NTFS with notice as “This version is designed to be used on OS X 10.10-10.15 only. You have OS X 10.16”
So, I can’t format the 8TB external hard drive and can’t use it for back-up.
I will not change my OS system back to older version, since it may cause other problem (or even it may not be able to do that).
Anybody has similar experience? and how did you resolve it?
Looking for any suggestion and appreciate

Hi @RogerKC,

Please refer below link to know about how to physically connect, disconnect, and install a WD easystore drive on a Windows PC or Mac:

Hope it helps!!

I’m having the same problem. I cannot download the Paragon driver because of the error. Also, I don’t actually have 10.16, I have Big Sur (11.6). I cannot use the easystore until this is solved.

WD hard drives, including My Passport and Easystore , won’t mount on Mac when the disk format is not recognized. Such error could be caused.