4TB External HD

I’ve got an old WD Media Player,( http://www.hardwaregeeks.com/images/uploads/WDTV_1.jpg) which I’ve owned for four years and have had several hard drives of various sizes but not bigger than 1.5TB connected to it. 

But for Christmas I received a 4TB external WD My Book and put the contents of my smaller drives on there. 

I then plugged it in to the WD Media Player and although the folder shows up “USB1/2” but says the folder is empty. 

I know this is an older media player and I’m assuming nothing can be done about this but does the WD Play support larger size hard drives? Or does anyone know anything I can do? 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Many thanks 

2TB is the limit for the Old Gen 1 (There was no Firmware Update to fix it since the device is no longer supported)

(maybe if you create 2 x 2TB partitions on a 4TB it may work ?)

Plugging a single partition 4TB My Book into the old Gen 1 … you run the risk of Data Damage / Corruption !


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Thanks for coming back to me. 

I’d begun to think that it wasn’t supported above 2TB. 

Do you know if later devices support 4TB? I’m considering buying the WD Play device. 

I wouldn’t recommend buying a WDTV Play ( no MPEG-2 no Network Shares no Themes support etc…) 

*it’s basically a stripped down cheaper media player missing features the other WDTV Devices have*

Feature Comparison here: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/homeentertainment/mediaplayers/

I would recommend buying a WDTV Live Streaming (SMP) instead …

(or a Live Hub, but if you need the convenience of built in Wi-Fi then the SMP is the go.)

4TB support ? i can’t say from personal experience, but some people have reported it works OK