WD TV Media Player with a 5TB My Book Hard Drive

Good Day!

I have seen a few variations of this problem on the boards and on the net, but am unable to find one definitive answer to solve the issue.

I have a brand new WD My Book 5TB External Hard Drive which I have connected to my older WD Media Player (not the Live Version). The Media Player does not recognize the drive & just states “No Storage Present”

The Media Player is running the firmware version 1.03.01 & I have been hesitant to upgrade as it still works perfect with all existing and new storage devices I plug into it.

The WD Hard Drive has its own power supply & works fine with my PC’s, but the Media Player does not seem to like it too much. From what I have read, the larger size of this new HD may be the issue.

I have a smaller 2TB My Book which works fine so am wondering if there is a workaround to get the 5TB running with it.

It is currently formatted NTFS with just the 1 partition from the factory. I have no problem if I have to re-format or partition or anything else, being as it is brand new and all data is safely backed up.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


You have the old WDTV Gen 1 (Released way back in 2008)

The WDTV Gen1 firmware only supports a maximum of 2TB (Terabytes) … no way around it (having said that, i guess you could try 2x2TB 1x1TB partitions… but can’t guarantee it will work)

(the old WDTV Lives and Live+ started introducing > 2TB support… NOTE: attempting to connect >2TB drives on unsupported firmware may and can result in data corruption)

If you need > 2TB support … then you will need to buy a Recent WDTV (after 2011)

I can personally confirm … 4TB Works on my WDTV Live Hub and WDTV (2014 Edition)

And i have seen people post 5TB - 6TB HDD working on these devices. (including the WDTV Live Streaming)

Thanks JoeySmyth for your prompt response to this. It certainly explains why I am experiencing difficulties.

Hopefully this will be used as reference for others encountering the same issue.