What WD media player will recognise a 5TB external hard drive?

Hi All
First time poster here, I have a 5TB 3.0 USB external hard drive and a first generation WD media player. The media player will not recognise the hard drive because I have been told it is too big. Can anyone please tell me if there is a media player that will recognise a 5TB hard drive to play movies and one that will play mkv files also?

5TB drives have been reporting “working” with the late model wdtv’s (2011/2014)
(personally, i’ve only tried a 4TB … and that’s works fine)

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WDTV Gen 1 can only handle a Maximum of 2TB … and it’s probably too late to tell you this now, but, attempting to connect a 5TB to Gen 1 or 2 can result in Data Corruption



Each multimedia player is different. However, if partitioning of space allows more than 2GB, the device would read the bigger capacity harddrive.

not a WDTV Gen 1 released in 2008 … which this topic is about

Almost all hard drives over 2TB now use GPT (GUID Partition Table) which the WDTV Gen 1 does not, and will not, ever Support.

Also, plenty of other older devices like Smart TV’s, DVD Recorder/Players only support MBR and Not GPT.