WD Media Player won't recognise WD 3TB External

When I connect the external HD to my laptop it opens/works perfectly, all files are available (AVI, MP4, MKV etc).

When I connect the drive to the WD Media player it states “Unrecognisable USB Device” and won’t load my files.

I have tried re-setting to factory settings and this has done nothing.

What can I do to get the media player to find the files on the HD?

What WD TV model do you own?

What firmware?

Hi, thanks for the reply. Consider me illiterate. Firmware? on the external HD or the media player?

It’s a Western Digital TV HD Media Player (Gen 1 I think).

whats the external drive you are using?

AFAIK that model does not support 3TB units

Try a lesser capacity drive, think is up to 2TB

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Hi thanks again. Really? It doesn’t support a 3TB? I have a smaller 500GB and that works (plus smaller USB sticks). Hubby thought he was doing me a favour by buying me a big one that would take a while to fill up. Guess I’ll have to buy smaller.

Thanks again for all your help!

any time

you can send the 3TB one to me :smileyvery-happy:

but seriously now a 2TB drive should be enough

Hah! :laughing:

I’ll swap you for 2 x 2 TB :wink:

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