Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player dont recognize mybook 3GB HD

hi, this is my first post on the forum.
I bought a
Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player
two years ago and I’ve never had any problems.
Yesterday I connected it to my new WD My Book 3TB USB 3.0 External Hard-Disk but the WD TV player does not detect it.
Can you help me figure out how to do?
maybe it’s a firmware update?
as you proceed to the update?

thank you and greet you all

First, you’re in the wrong forum.  This forum is for the WD TV Play.

The forum for the old WDTV HDs are in the archives:


Yes, drives greater than 3TB (not GB) are not supported on the really old players.


sorry for the out of scope post and thanks for your reply ;D