External Drive Contents Not Recognised!

Hello there!

I have been using the WD Device to watch and store my media since the last many years and have had no reason to complaint (largely).

However, I have encountered the following problem today: WD cannot read the contents of an external hard drive, which was working fine till yesterday. It recognises the drive but says there is no content on it.

This is a 3TB drive with just 100 gb space left and is working perfectly on the computer.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a ton!

If your hard drive works on a computer as intended then verify if other external hard drives have the same issue with your Media Player. If so, try a factory reset.

If not, try safely ejecting your hard drive from the computer before connecting it again to your media player.

Thanks for your response!

The hard drive works on the computer perfectly as do other external drives on Media Player. I always safely eject the drives from both, the computer and the Media Player.

I will try the reset and update.

Thanks again!

That did it!

I did a factory reset, as suggested and the drive is working fine.

Thanks a ton!