Does the WDTV Live support 2tb external hard drives?

My last wdtv media player stopped supporting all externals and usbs suddenly about a year ago and I finally have the money together to buy a new one. I tried a friends wdtv about two months ago and it would not support my 2tb external but it did for my 1tb. Does the newest product allow 2tbs or not? And if not is there any good alternatives you could recommend?

Also, the one I tried couldn’t play mp4 files. Does the newest one play them?

If it would make it any easier for anyone. All I wan is to have a media player that I can just plug into my tv and 2tb external that is capable of playing avi, mp4, mkv, mov and wmv files. What product would be best to buy.

Internet connection and all the other features don’t matter to me :slight_smile:


Take a look to this products, the support 2 TB drives and ply Mp4 (if the codecs are supported)