WD TV Live HD max hard drive size

Hi all,

I have an old WD TV Live HD, still working perfectly but my DNS320 have problems.

As I don’t need a NAS I plan to buy a simple external WD hard drive (Passeport or Essential) and plug it directly to the WDTV with USB (rear or left side USB plug).

1st question :
Can you confirm 2Tb is the max size compatible with my WDTV player ?
Even if formated to NTFS ?

2nd question : a 4Tb external hard drive with 2 partitions (2x2Tb) can be used ? Will the 2 partition be accessible ?

Thx in advance !!

Hi all,

in fact maybe this thread answers my question :

I wonder if “WD Media Player Live Plus” and “WD TV Live HD” have the same specifications and limitations.