WD TV Live Plus with a 5TB External HDD?

Have read a few differing things and am hoping to get a definitive answer on my model.

I have a WDTV Live Plus
Model - WDBABX000NBK
Firmware: 1.06.42_B

Will this model in any way, shape or form work with a 5TB HDD? Or a 4TB even? Have 2x 2TB drives connected that work fine. Tried attaching a Seagate 5TB in place of one of them and it is not recognized. Anything I can do to make it work?


Hi there,

Your generation of WD TV started introducing drives larger than 2TB, I have never tried drives larger than 4TB. Let’s see if another user can share some experience with us.

Suggest connecting the 5TB drive to a PC that can handle it, share the drive on the network and you can likely play from that drive on PC to WDTV. I can do this with a 3TB drive and even from a large capacity NAS.

I’d love to hear if someone even got a 4TB drive to work. I currently have a 2TB and a 5TB but I’d grab a 4 if it definitely works.

That definitely works. I have a 5TB drive connected to my PC and I can stream to the WDTV. What I need is to connect an additional drive, either a 4 or 5TB to the WD. I have about 3.5 TB of files on the one drive and like to have a 2nd copy in case one dies.

I am not sure why there is trepidation. I added a 4TB drive. I just plugged it into the WD TV box and it worked perfectly. As expected. (Of course, I gave it no choice.)