WDTV Live Streaming with 2 x 5TB Hard Drives... Compatible?


I currently have 4 x 2tb hard drives plugged into my WD player however I am wanting to put them all on a bigger hard drive. I was wondering if the WD TV Live Streaming player is compatiable with 5TB or 6TB hard drives?

What is the maximum size capacity and what is the highest you have used or tested?


Hi there,

I have not tried to use a 5TB drive on this device but if it supports 3TB drives this should not be a problem. Lets see if another user can share some information and has more experience with this types of drives and can share tips and information on this matter.

It definitely has no issues with 4Tb external USB drives (or using one in a NexStar HX case).  It can access GPT single large partitions without problems.  I found external drives use an internal chip to somehow provide MBR partitions >2Tb even on the larger drives.

My brother-in-law was purchasing a 5Tb external drive for his WDTV and did not report any problems to me so I can only assume it works as well.  Try one and see how you go.