External Hard Drive Limit?

I have a WD TV Live media player (WDBHG7000NBK) and it will not recognize my Seagate 4TB external hard drive. Is there a limit?

If there is a limit on this one, are there any WD media players that do NOT have a limit?


Hi, you should be able to connect a 4 TB drive o that media player. What format is the drive? Have you tried resetting the media player? What firmware version you have installed?

Wrong forum (this forum is for the 2014 WD TV Media Player … not the old 2011 Live)

I have two 4TB Hard drives that work fine with my WD TV Media Player (WDBPUF0000NBK) Firmware 1.02.17 (12/16/2014)

They are Both … “Western Digital” Hard drives
They are Both formatted NTFS
One is GPT partitioned and the other MBR partitioned (WD 4K Advanced Format)
They Both work fine :slightly_smiling:

The Streaming Media Player handles 4Tb NTFS external drives (including Seagate) and have also seen it work with the latest Seagate 5Tb drives. I also use a NexStar NX case and have GPT partitioned NTFS formatted drive in use.