New WDTV Live Owner

Hi Guys I was just given a WDTV live as a Xmas present,I am not very technical minded,so have been using it to watch mostly TV series stored on a USB Stick.

I am thinking about getting a  1 or 2 TB hard drive,as it would be handy to use to take on vacations etc,but I am slightly confused by what type to get,also what leads would I need,and does the hard drive need a power pack to use with the WDTV.

So was wondering if anyone could kindly advise me on any of these things.

If you just buy an external hard drive you should have all you need :slight_smile:

You have the power cord and the USB cord that came with the wdtv and when you buy an external they will be similar :slight_smile:

So you just plug them both into the power source, plug the externals USB cable into the wdtv and then the wdtv’s cable into the tv :slight_smile:

Have fun :smiley:

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The usb cord that plugs into the wdtv is supplied with the portable hard disk drive that you purchase.

Make sure you buy a western digital drive so you can get support in case there are any incompatibility issues.

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Thanks for the help guys,I ordered a WD 1TB Passport.

Bit of an update,I am so happy with this product,so thanks once again.