2.10.302 problem

After 2.10.302 firmware update, two disks led always on even in stand-by

WHY ???

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We have passed this along to support.

Hello there,

With the latest firmware update to the My Cloud drive we have enhanced the reporting of error codes. LED behavior has changed to pulse blue when EX2 goes on standby mode (Sleep mode). Sorry for any confusion.

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I am having the same issue with the two blue Disk LED’s being permanently on, even when disks are in standby. Only the power light is pulsing blue. I see no purpose for  the 2 disk LED’s now other than to be 2 extra power LED’s

I do not see why you would need to change the behaviour of the blue status LED’s at all, they worked perfectly well. I now cannot esily see if the system is in standby.

I also have noted that since this firmware update, the system is hardly ever in standby, with the disks constantly thrashing away when no connections are made to the device, either locally or via web clients, in fact even an hour or more after all other network devices have been powered off. What is it doing??,  other than significantly reducing the life of my disks!

I would like to revert to the previous firmware if possible. I was totally happy with the way it functioned before this lastest update.

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Frequent ON/OFF power cycles are much more dangerous for HDD mechanism then long spinning time. So this changes seems to be logical.

But concerning the new behavior of LEDs - I agree with you 100%, there was no need to change it.

And also always powered on LEDs have nothing in common with the policy of energy saving.

I left a message in ideas section, please join me:


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 Agree! Please lets all upvote on the link provided by Felix_The_Cat :smiley: