LED Status Lights with new firmware 2.10.302

I noticed that the LED staus lights behave differently with the new firmware release.  As it stands now, all LEDs are no longer indicative of anything except power on and disk activity.  Prior to the firmware upgrade, the Power LED would slowly blink when asleep and the two disk LEDs would go out when the drives where in sleep mode. Now, the power LED is always on except and the disk LEDs are always on and blink when there is disk activity.  I’m requesting that the LEDs act as they did in the past which was obviosuly more useful and indicative of the staus of the system.

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Information regarding the LED changes in OS 3 (firmware 2.10.302) can be found here:

The front LED on a My Cloud Mirror or My Cloud EX2 displays solid red

The front LED on a My Cloud Mirror or My Cloud EX2 remains solid blue


Samuel Brown

In looking at other responses to the same question, the Power LED should pulse while in standby, WIth the new firmware release, it no longer does that …or…the system doesn’t go into standby/sleep as it once did.  I have the drive sleep switch set but noticed that there appears to be no setting for when the system goes into standby. I know i can use the power schedule.  Am I missing something?


With the previous firmware it takes about 10 minutes to switch to sleep mode. Now it takes about 30-35 minutes.

Same problems here, if it ever goes sleeping, which is very disappointing.

I’ve raised this with WD via the support portal and kept getting the same stupid response. Took a bit of arguing but they finally seemed to accept that how it works now may be correct in terms of what their internal specs say, but every customer thinks it is ■■■■ and needs to be put back how it was.