My Cloud EX2 Does not sleep

We recently had a power outage, and since that time our EX2 drive LEDs remain on constanly.  I have check the dashboard and sleep mode is enabled.  And I have tried a system only restore with no change.  The EX2 is less than a year old and the two WD drives were purchased at the same time as the EX2.  Before the power failure the drive LEDs would turn off and the device LED would flash slowly.

Thanks in adn=vance for your thoughts and ideas.


Which firmware version is it running? The most recent, 2.10.302 defaults to a very white dashboard colour scheme compared to the previous dark colour scheme.

One of the “features” of 2.10.302 is that in sleep mode the drive LEDs remain ON and the power LED fades on and off very slowly - a source of quite some disgruntlement.

It may have done a firmware update following the outage.

That is the firmware 2.10.302. And it appears that the device is partiality in sleep mode because the device LED is blinking slowly but the drive LED’s remain fully illuminated.

Yes, that’s the new behaviour for sleeping.

You are, like the rest of us, rightly confused.

While I’d agree my original reply was certainly an answer that explained what you were seeing, a solution nope.

A solution would be WD putting the LED behaviour back as it was. That behaviour made sense, the new one doesn’t and NOBODY likes it…

:confounded: :wink: