Is my cloud Ex2 Ultra entering sleep mode?

Hello to all, I’m trying to determine if my cloud ex2 ultra is actually entering a drive sleep mode. The manual doesn’t address this issue. My understanding is if I enter hibernation mode it will actually shut the unit down completely and the only way to wake it up is to unplug turn the power back on. After a period of inactivity the power light will slowly blink but the drive lights stay solid blue. Is this the sleep mode? I don’t want this unit to run all the time 24/7. Also, can the pre-installed apps be uninstalled? I’ve tried several times but I don’t see an uninstall button to activate. Thanks in advance for any assistance with these issues.

The slow blinking blue led is an indicator that the Disks are asleep. Note that the EX2 itself is not.

There are a bunch of Apps that are actually part of the firmware of which you cannot uninstall. WD just made them to look like Apps so that their device would be more QNAP like.

Greatly appreciate the information. That makes sense. Thanks again.