Firmware 2.10.302 Led Problems

With the new firmware 2.10.302 on Wd My Cloud EX2, the led (Three of them) are always ON and blue. Never happened that before until I update the NAS with this new firmware. H

Hopefully, WD can fix this.



we have passed this along to support.

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Looks like a new feature

If you go under settings, you can now turn all the LED on or off and not wait until the drive goes into sleep mode.

BTW: my drive went into sleep mode, and the darn LED kept me up at night.

Thus I went snooping around.

Hello there,

With the latest firmware update to the My Cloud drive we have enhanced the reporting of error codes. LED behavior has changed to pulse blue when EX2 goes on standby mode (Sleep mode). Sorry for any confusion.

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Hey Folks,

Here are a couple of Knowledgebase Articles that may help explain the led light functions.  

The front LED on a My Cloud Mirror or My Cloud EX2 displays solid red

The front LED on a My Cloud Mirror or My Cloud EX2 remains solid blue

The top LED pulsed in the previous version of the firmware when in standby mode, but the disk LEDs were dimmed, which made sense. What I (and others) can’t comprehend is how leaving the disk LEDs on all the time can possibly be considered an improvement.

And they couldn’t even be bothered to fix it in 2.10.310 which came out yesterday… I pointed that out and got the standard stock “have you tried resetting the device?” line.

In the same vein as the “Specsavers” adverts, “Should have bought a Synology/Qnap”…