My Cloud EX2 LEDs behavior with firmware 2.10.302

Please make it as it was before on firmware 1.05.36.

Less then 95% of free space is not such a big broblem to inform user with that annoying red light.

And also always powered on HDD LEDs have nothing in common with the policy of energy saving.


Yes Please Change the LED status. We know there are 3 LED like blue amber red. Please make it like before. Blue for normal operation condition. Off when drives sleeps, Amber for warning like Low diskspace, No network connection, In compatible HDD. Red for critical system error/system hangs etc.



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Here’s my vote:
Leds should not be red if there is not a real problem.
Leds should also dim when drive is going to sleep.
And make it sleep better, because it is almost always on (very annoying).

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Defo… in Sleep, aka Power Save mode LEDs should be OFF!!!

Stand by mode with LEDs off, PLEASE!