You don't have permission to access / on this server

helo all,
when i’m connected to the network wired, i have access to mycloud.but when i’m connected wireless i’m getting “forbidden, You don’t have permission to access / on this server.”
how can i solve this problem?
thank you.

If you are talking about a wireless cellular data connection, then you must make sure Remote Access/Cloud Access is enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard Settings. Otherwise you may receive a warning message similar to that which you describe.

i’m not talking about a wireless cellular data connection, a regular network wireless connection.i can access through the web connection to data on mycloud. but i’cant access to dashboard in the local network .about 2 month ago it was possible .i don’t know what heppend.

Check your local WiFi settings to ensure your mobile device is not logging into a “guest” network that may be isolated from the rest of the local network. Sometimes the wireless network will be using a different IP address subnet than the wired network.

What app are you using to access the My Cloud? A file manager app or the WD mobile app? Is the Share you are trying to access a Public or Private Share. If Private Share ensue you use the correct user/password (created through the My Cloud Dashboard) to access the My Cloud.

thank you for answering.
in my case, i’m connected through “check point”. the wired subnet is isolated from the wireless,but the support team of the xbox says the settings allows access from one to one.
I’m trying to access by using the explorer, simply typing the ip address.

What is “check point”? A router?

Because the wired subnet is isolated from the wireless, often called WiFi or “wireless isolation”, the problem is within the router and generally has nothing to do with the My Cloud. Some routers may offer the capability of passing certain IP address traffic from the wireless network to the wired network. Check the use manual for your router to see what settings are available and what can be modified to allow you to pass traffic from the wireless netwok to the wired netwok.