Wrong Power Adapter Connected

Hey guys,

I had a buddy of mine connect this “universal” power source/battery type thing into my My Book 1TB USB2.0 external harddrive and it never turned on. I then tried using the original power cord and it still didnt turn on.

I smelled the harddrive and it smelled like burnt rubber (very faintly). I am assuming that one of the safety transistors were blown since there was too much power running to the harddrive.

My question is, can I take apart my USB 2.0 external harddrive and replace the circuit board with a new version of the My Book 1 TB (USB 2.0/3.0) circuit board with out the harddrive reformatting or getting messed up?

I hope this works since I have about 25000 songs that i lost, in addition to all my college work/senior project papers that I need before I graduate in about 2 weeks.

Thanks in advance.

Send fzabkar a PM he’s about the only person here with real knowledge about these boards. You may be able to bypass a bad trasistor. He has a lot of posts here about it. These boards aren’t always interchangable WD changes them frequently.


So I spent all day trying different things.

First: I took my new harddrive apart and swapped it with my old “possibly burnt” drive and attached it to my computer, but it was not recognized.

Second: I went to circuit city and got a SATA connection for $20 and tried hooking that up. Unfortunately, my PCB board started smoking RIGHT as soon as I plugged it into the wall, (right near the power connector near the data connection on the SATA connector).

I’m assuming there is a bad resistor or something on the PCB board. I had spoke with a guy at circuit city and he had said that there would be no other way to get the data off of the harddrive if the SATA connection didnt work.

Im totally stuck and dont know what to do from here since Im not very computer oriented. I would like to keep the option of sending to a data recovery company since I do not have nearly enough money to do that. Any suggestions?

Did you try a PM to fzabkar? He’s probably the only bet for help other than professional recovery. The drives that come with Smartware use hardware encryption from the board with the USB connection. Without that board any data recovered would be encrypted.Sorry I can’t offer anything else.