Circuit board went bad, extracted hard drive

Hello everyone, i’m kind of in a crysis!

I had a mybook 2tb external hard drive. one day it stops working… no lights, nothing. I was told it may be the circuit board, so i extracted the hard drive from the case, and plugged it into my desktop via sata. it shows up, but since the board encrypts the data from sata to usb, it says i need to format the drive to use it.

If i buy another 2tb my book, the same one, and put that new circuit board on my old hard drive, will i be able to access my data?  if not, is there ANY solution that I can do to get my data back… it was about 1.2TB worth (won’t make that mistake again)…

Please help, and thank you so much for any solutions!

Another board from an identical board MIGHT work but no guarantee. You might find a matching board on Ebay. Check out posts by fzabkar he knows a lot about the boards and has helped giude people thur repairs.


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Thank you! i’ll look into some of his posts