Older My Book Emergency

Firstly, thank you for any help in advance.

So, I have an old Mac 2TB My Book from about 10years ago. The drive works and was reformatted years ago to be for PC, but the usb plug broke off on the main board a few days ago. I tried transferring the physical drive to a hard drive dock to use, but it can’t be read. I know I formatted it in either FAT32 or NTSF format, but the drive is appearing ‘unallocated’ and cannot access. I was trying to resolder the usb piece back to the board to no avail. The hard drive has been partially backed up, but as is usually the case, has a lot on it that isn’t. How can I access the drive? Can I buy a new board - I’m at my tech wits end and the drive is old enough is has the primary/slave pins on it. I don’t want send the drive out for recovery, because I know it works, but I wondered if anyone had suggestions?

Thank you again for any help!

Hi @rnasto,

Western Digital does not sell or replace circuit boards for our hard drives nor are we aware of any other companies that sell them. Replacing the circuit board on a hard drive is not a recommended method for recovering data or drive functions as this will void the warranty on the hard drive.

Please refer to the article for more information:Recover Data from a Drive, Obtain a Circuit Board, Repair a Drive, or Find Data Recovery Partners