Lost external case and encrypt board

Hi, I have a MyBook 3Tb that stopped being recognized by the PC. (Still turns and spins,even shows on the Devices on Windows, but cannot be accesed).

Since it stopped working due to a power outage, I removed from the case and tried plugin directly to the PC. (with no success)

I contacted one of those HD recovery services and they told me they need a connectr/board or something like that intermediates the HD with the PC because WD encrypts the connection, but I no longer have this part.

Anyone knows if I can get around that? Buy a new one, contact WD or any other ideas?

Any help is much appreciated.



Exactly WHICH My Book do you have? (Model number)

Depending on if it’s at-rest encryption, even having a new controller board won’t help you as the board is matched to the encryption key.

Thanks for the answer tony. Its a WD30EZRX

That’s the model number on the case? That’s a WD Green SATA drive, not a My Book. If that’s what’s inside the My Book case, we still need to know what the My Book model number is.

Sorry, didmn’t know they were different. I no longer have the case/box, but I did find a picture. Would that be it? (unfortunately, that’s all I can get)

Hi Victor, did you set password with WD software?


No, there was no password protection. (Thanks for helping)

then pro data recovery service can help you. they has equipment can decrypted data you need.