Lost files!

I have a 2TB my book essential and everything was working fine until the USB port broke off the bridge board, I then went out and  purchased an a new USB external casing thinking that would solve my problem. After moving the HD to the new housing I still couldn’t retrieve my files and when I went into the disk management it asked me initializing the HD which I did but didn’t reformat it because I didn’t want to lose my files. After doing some research on here I found out the data is encrypted and I would need to get the same model bridge board to retrieve the data. I found an exact match to the original hooked it up and all of the WD software came right up but none of my files showed up. Any suggestions to what I should try next to retrieve my files?

try running a data recovery utility like Recuva or TestDisk


Thanks for the advice went out and downloaded Recuva but it didn’t pick up any files on my external drive. The label says “I drive” but when select I: it only wants to reformat the drive. Any other suggestions?

Thanks Again