Western Digital Elements 2TB not turning on

I had my computer and external hard drive set up in one place. I packed it all up, put it in my car, and moved to my new place. It was in the car for about 8 hours in a box along with other stuff like wires and my keyboard. The hard drive did not experience a rough ride, extreme temperatures, nothing like that.

Anyways, I set up my computer, but accidently used a 19V, 2.1A adapter to power the external hard drive. I really doubt this would cause my hard drive to break, but it is not working now. When I plug it into the power, the drive is clearly making 0 noise. Thus, it does not show up on my computer, nor does it show up in Drive Management on Windows 7.

Is my drive broken?

Edit: I have tried different USB drive, different USB port, different computer. Neither the 19V adapter which I accidently used, nor the 12V, 1.5A adapter that I’m supposed to use power up the drive at all.

Using the wrong adapter probably fried a circuit board.


Hi Joe_S, thanks for the reply.

Is a fried circuit board something I can fix myself, or is it really hard and will void my warranty?

If you are handy with electronics you may be able to fix it. Check out some of the posts by fabkar he has helped others. Sometimes it’s just bypassing a diode. You can also PM him he’s good about helping. Your warranty is void for using the wrong adapter. You aren’t the only one who has done it.


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