Accidentally plugged 19v adapter into WD My

I desperately need assistance!  I’m now down two external HDDs.  One being a WD My Book and the other a Maxtor 3200.  I repeatedly used my old laptops ac adapter cable on both and both continued to work without a problem.  I tried to plug them in today and nothing.  I used the website and they are telling me that I’m screwed.  Is there any way of recovering these drives, even long enough to transfer my data from them?  I’m in disbelief that I put myself in this position since I really should have known better.  Any and all suggestions would be truly appreciated.

Look for posts by fzabkar he is the only one who has knowledge about the circuit board. He has helped sev eral people get going.


Remove your drives from their enclosures and attach them directly to your computer’s motherboard. This will eliminate the USB-SATA bridge board as a potential culprit. If the drives don’t spin up, or if they shut down your PC’s power supply, then upload detailed photos of the component sides of their PCBs (not the bridge board). Hopefully the fault will be due to a shorted TVS diode, in which case there is often an easy fix.

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