Usb connector broke off

So my 1tb mybook fell off my desk,  the cord caught it and it didn’t hit the ground. The fall dislodged the usb input which came off of the circuit board when I removed the usb cord. Called customer support, complete waste of time. Did some googling which led to me opening it up, removing the sata drive, and putting it in a universal powered enclosure.

Problem is when I hook it up it’s briefly recognized as a new devie, I can hear it spin, but it doesn’t show up on my computer. I’ve tried it on multiple computers and I’ve taken it in to a couple local IT help desks (may be worth noting when i took it in it wasn’t in a case) . One guy told me all my data was corupted, the other told me he could save everything if I sent it in for an evaluation. 

Any ideas what the **bleep** is going on here?

Search for the posts by fzabkar. He has helped some people here that have damaged the bridge card. I think He did one to solder leads to a broken off USB port to connect someway. He’s probably the only one here that knows about that area.


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JOE! YOU ROCK! All kinds of good karma coming your way. 

Going off of one of fzabkar’s posts I bought the exact same drive, took it apart, replaced the sata drive with my old one and it fired right up. Keep in mind I had tried a universal powered enclosure and had taken it to two different computer shops who hooked it up with a usb to sata adapter. None of them worked. I never used wd’s software, no password. 

I know next to nothing in this area but I’m guessing either wd has some sort of proprietary system that requires one of their circuit board docking things or the enclosure I bought didn’t supply enough power. Don’t really care, all I know is it cost  a  $83 to fix. 

Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.