Plugged in Wrong Power Adapter to WD 2TB My Book

I appreciate any help greatly. I made a terrible mistake. I grabbed the wrong power supply to plug in my WD 2TB My Book. As soon as I plugged it in, I smelled something burning. It was only plugged in a matter of a minute or less. I have been reading that perhaps it could be a short on the PCB. I am no expert though, just very hopeful that I may be able to access my data still. This external hard drive has the only copy of my youngest child’s photos and videos for an entire year, from age 1-2. If I can’t get this data back I will have lost everything from first birthday to first steps and words. I thought I had a second back up on my time machine capsule (a different external hard drive), but it turns out the older back ups have been overwritten. Talk about bad luck. I’m hoping and praying there is a way to access the data still on this WD external hard drive.

I have taken pictures of the boards and other items that may be helpful. The last one of the 2 power supplies I took just to share. The one on the left is what fried the drive. The one I should have used is on the right. You can see all of the pictures here:

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If I need to take this hard drive in for professional data recovery, I will. I have read other cases in the forums similar to mine, and wanted to get an opinion on if this could be a DIY fix before finding a recovery service.

Thank you so much.

Hello, I’m sorry to read that what happened with the drive, you may try to connect the drive directly to the computer using a SATA to USB adapter, if that doesn’t work, then I would recommend you to contact a professional data recovery company.