Wdbaau0020hbk-01 started smoking, question

Hi there!

Perhaps you could help me with the issue arised today- I have bought 6 external WD 2TB and 3TB drives during last 10 years and as the adapters have been changed during those years, I presumably happened to make one of my drives dead as I put it to the wall with wrong adapter (meant for another WD drive).

The question is - how bad could the damage be? Is there any hope? I opened the drive and made picture of that burned place. Please have a look and what you think about it, is there a chance? I noticed that other adaptors had also 1.5A power as this one, so I hope it is not that bad error, but who knows…

The external drive model I’m talking: wdbaau0020hbk-01
The adaptor I used when the accident happened: https://ibb.co/t8hFtJg
The burned place on the drive’s controller: https://ibb.co/ZmxwFws

with best regards