Worth Updating Firmware?

Hi everyone,

I am new to this site and am new to the TV Hub - I’ve had it about a month.  I like it a lot for what I use it for.  I am only using it to stream/watch movies.  I have all of my DVD’s (right now) ripped as an ISO on the internal storage and it works perfect. 

I have read all of the problems associated with updating the firmware and ever since I got mine I have not updated it - everytime I turn it on obviously it starts with that screen.  Have they fixed the problems yet or do you think it is worth updating it???  or leave it alone since everything works fine right now?

As a side note - I am slowly starting to get into the Bluray world and starting to build a library.  I just bought a burner and will be installilng it in my computer today.  I am wondering what is the best way to rip those into my computer so that I can play them through the Hub?  For all of my regular DVD’s I use DVDFab and then Shrink them to ISO.   Is this possible with Bluray?



The best answer would be to read the release notes to see some of the changes and benifits of updateing the firmware.

If they apply update.

If the box already does what you want it to, I wouldn’t touch the new buggy firmware. I wish I hadn’t bothered

the device isnt buggy for me im glad i updated