Just bought one, question about current firmware

So i bought the TB hub 2 days and and aboslutely love, been spending hours upon hours putting my shows on it and giving them the cool pictures and what not but my question is, should i upgrade my firmware? i keep seeing threads about how it’s messed up their content etc. Should i wait for the next firmware? im scared that if i do it, it will mess up my hours and hours of work.

I am not that tech savvy, took me like 2 hours to figure out how to work the tv scraper thing and i still can’t figure out the movie sheet stuff so im skeptical of updating my firmware, sorry if there is a place that explains this i am not the most tech savvy person, i literally just learned that i could put my dvds onto my computer and put them on an amazing magical device lol.


If you are happy with everything… stay where you are.

However, there may be features you require which are only available in updated Firmware.

Find out what Firmware you are running (Press ‘Setup’ Buton and Select ‘About’)

and then compare with the ‘Release Notes’ for other Firmwares at this Link