LIVE HUB - Last firmware with least bugs - plz suggest

Hello LIVE HUB users, i have been using the old firmware which came along with the HUB. I heard a lot of horror stories from this community members about the recently released firmwares. So i am on the safer side. May i know which FW has the least bugs and good performance so that i can rollback to that firmware or upgrade it as the case may be. I am not very sure about the firmware i am having. Will have to check it out. 

Thanx in advance…

Your experience may vary… as there is nothing like a perfect Firmware release as of yet!

But my best choice would be Firmware release 2.04.13

Get it from here:


Are you very sure that the 2.04 firmware is flawless than any other firmware released so far ?. because i heard that it lowers sound levels and also buggy as the current firmwares. What do you think about the  2.03 firmware ?. I am staying with this firmware  doesnt have any issues except it freezes rarely when i switch on and it never hangs when watching movies. Is there any performance improvoement or any benefit from upgrading from the 2.03 firmware to 2.04 ??. Have you used the 2.03 before ?