To upgrade or not


I’m still using the firmware I got with my device 2.03.24. I only use the hub to watch movies on local storage. So no internet services or anything similar. Is there any realy benefit to me upgrading my firmware?

I’d like to upgrade to a firmware that will allow me to use Joey Smyth’s theme: Æonish Hub FR Revision 2. I need a them that will allow me to use moviesheets, and I like his theme.

Will it work with my current firmware? If I do need to upgrade, to what firmware should I upgrade?

Thanks a mil

You can check on the thread to download that theme

it normally shows the firmwares that are supported for that theme


As i replied in the Personel Message you sent me asking the same question.

Why dont you try it ?   

(it’s not gonna blow up your hub trying it on 2.03.04 … heck, i even suspect it may work without issues, but i cant be 100% sure)

Let us all know what you find.

Thanks for the responses… I’ve upgraded my firmware since it seemed it was inevitable.

No issues found so far…