Work around to be able to watch iTunes movies when internet not available

I understand that iTunes movies cannot be watched through the myCloud or streamed from the My Passport device unless there is an Internet connection available due to security built in by Apple. However, there is not enough room on my iPad to save enough movies/tv shows to get me through a long flight. Is it possible to download the iTunes movies to the My Passport device, and then during the flight, delete what I watch on the iPad to create room, and then copy down additional movies to the iPad so I can watch directly off the iPad? If so, how do I go about doing this?

Open to any other suggestions to work around the issue of not having enough room on my iPad for my iTunes movies and being able to access without Internet availability.

This sounds like a reasonable solution and you could have tried it yourself already. Before iOS 8 people could copy their iTunes movies from their iTunes folder to their hard drives (wireless ones included) and stream them to their iPad. Apple took care of that convenience by eliminating it.

So, to see if I can help, I seem to understand you saying that Apple videos on your iPad can be played on a plane and without needing internet. If so, then all you need to do is copy your movies to the MPW and then copy them to your iPad. To do this, you need to have a way to copy from MPW into the iTunes folder of your iPad. I would think iTunes has that capability. Now, to get the videos onto the MPW, you likely have the video files on you computer from downloading them from Apple, so it is a matter of copying the files from computer to MPW as you can do with any other files.

Try this at home first to see how it goes. Try it first without being on internet, and if movie you have copied to iPad will play, great, but if not turn wireless back on and see if it plays with an internet connection. If you need internet to play them you are stuck.

As for another way to do this, many people do not download Apple videos, nevertheless there are ways to get you own DVDs and videos into mp4 files that are playable on iDevices and other mobile devices directly from files on the MPW and other hard drives. For how to do this, you need to do some Google searching outside of this forum.